NAACP President: It’s Time for Jacques Del Rio to Resign or be Terminated

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Wednesday evening, defensive coordinator captain Jacques del Rio Post an apology on Twitter to refer to the January 6 rebellion as “Dust in the Capitol. “

But Del Rio still faces heavy criticism for his statements at the press conference, which have been in line with what he has posted on the social media site for years.

On Thursday, NAACP President Derek Johnson issued a statement saying Del Rio’s comments would cost him his job.

“It is time for Jacques Del Rio to resign or be fired,” Johnson said. His comments could not have been more ignorant and offensive. The January 6 uprising – an attempted coup – was far from a “flick”. Every day we learn more and more about how close our democracy is to authoritarianism. Downplaying the rebellion by comparing it to the nationwide protests that were in response to a mass execution is a twist. You can’t coach a majority black team while you turn your back on the black community. It’s time for you to pack up and get off the field.”

There was no indication from the commanders that Del Rio’s mission might be in jeopardy. But a Virginia senator called Del Rio’s comments “screw in coffin“To end discussion of the franchise’s efforts to secure public funding for a new stadium.

Although Washington was No. 2 in overall defense and No. 4 in points allowed in 2020, the team dropped to No. 22 in yards allowed and No. 25 in points allowed under Del Rio in 2021.

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