“My daughter asks why we have to get up before 7.” A touching report on the elections in Stockholm – o2

A Polish woman living in Sweden showed the line to the polling station In Stockholm. At the same time, he imparted a beautiful lesson on patriotism to his several-year-old daughter. A woman’s entrance makes the chest swell.

“We drive through deserted Stockholm, lit by the rising sun. Looks beautiful! My daughter asks me why I have to get up before 7am on Sunday morning to go vote,” begins his entry on social media, Stockholm resident Moje Boski Siallo’s fanpage editor Iga.

And the woman describes what they explain to her several-year-old daughter Parliamentary Electionse and why participating in them is so important. The young mother’s argument melts my heart:

The rest of the article is below the video

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I explain to him that elections are a great celebration of democracy and it is the honor and duty of every citizen. This is the moment when we the people rule the country. Today, each of us has a voice and can express ourselves, writes the blogger.

The woman describes how surprised she was at the polling boothDespite the very early hours, there are long queues of people ready to cast their votes.

We’re coming, we’re sure to beat the system and be among the first in the door. Here’s a trick! You can see the queue for the embassy from far away like the world has never seen before!!! I am touched, happy and with great joy I go to the tail end. 8:08 in front of us, behind us are hundreds of likers, believers, indifferent – the blogger ends his post.

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