“My children give me money, but I have no heart from them”

Here is her story:

I worked hard all my life and the house was in my hands. I am a seamstress, I worked hours on a sewing machine and I earned well. It was a time when women sewed a lot of things because there were few things in the shops. I had a small shop of my own and there were always queues and I was trying to keep up with everything. My husband worked in the bank and came home early, but he did nothing in this house. I had to cook, wash and clean.

I have a son and a daughter. Everything was there for them. Because I wanted them to live a better life, without such tyranny. It's true, it's my fault for not rushing to help around the house. I wanted them to have time for lessons and fun. They both studied well and I “embroidered” their futures on this machine. I wanted them to go to university and they had to leave home because there was no university in our town. And it costs a lot.

We didn't go on vacation, I went to the sea for the first time when I was 50, and they sent me to a sanatorium. We used to go abroad to help my parents. I mean, I mainly helped because the kids played with others and my husband always knew how to sign. But there was food from the village and my parents also helped me, that was important.

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