Motorcycle Air Bag Systems Rad, Donut will show you why

A man with sunglasses wears an air-cushioned jacket while inflated.  Do "this person" thumbs up.

screenshot: Donut Media via YouTube

life on two wheels Full of dangers, and as someone who enjoys ripping around town on motorcycleIt is your responsibility to do your best to mitigate them. A great way to do this is to get quality equipment like good equipment HelmetCE certified, abrasion and shock resistant glovesAnd pantsAnd shoes And JacketEverything you wear every time you ride your bike. There is one more thing you can do though that can make a big difference in being able to survive a crash: wearing an airbag.

In case you missed it:

We’re big fans of air-cushion jackets here at ol’ Japolnek, and to get some insight into why, you should check out this rad video that strangers at Donut made about the technology. They focus on Dainese’s D-Air system, which is great, but it’s certainly not the only system out there. Steve DaSilva and I, for example, have and use it Alpinestars TechAir system.

I have tested an air cushion suit

So, what is TL; DR version of this? Basically, an airbag helps support your head and neck in the event of an accident. Which is very important because this helmet that protects your brain from impacts also makes your head heavier and subject to greater g-forces. A good vest system also protects your chest and back from impact by inflating before you actually come into contact with something.

The clever part of modern motorcycle airbag technology comes thanks to several gyroscope sensors and a computer that controls the inflation system based on highly sophisticated collision detection algorithms. The upside to this is that it’s smart enough to detect if you’re having an involuntary breakup, but the downside is that it can sometimes get confused with huffing when you’re not breaking up, but hey, body’s nerve.

Most Motorcycle airbag systems They are also reusable but require you to return the jackets for repacking and reshipping at the manufacturer after deployment. Given the not-so-outrageous initial purchase prices for these systems, the refill service is pretty impressive.

So if you ride, be rad (and alive) like us and the Donut Brothers and up your safety level with the airbag system.

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