More eruptions in unrecognized transnistria, near the border with Ukraine

Unauthorized Transnistria Enclave officials in Moldova announced that a drone strike had taken place in the village of Voronkov (Varankov) near the border with Ukraine. This information was also confirmed by Moldovan officials. These are the next events of this kind in the “republic” that depends on Russia.

Near the village of Voronkovo ​​in the Ripnica region, There were four explosions at the former airport. On the evening of May 6, around 21:40, the first two explosives were dropped from the drone. An hour later, the attack took place again – wrote the so-called Ministry of the Interior of Transnistria. According to unauthorized Republican officials, the eruptions led to the formation of craters about 1 meter deep and 25 cm in diameter. Nothing happened to anyone.

Chisinau confirmed the attack. Moldovan President Mia Chandu said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowded airport. Authorities, however, continue to gather information.

Really Another such “attack” in the Transnistrian region. On the evening of May 5, loads were unloaded at the airport in Voronezh. In late April, administrative buildings in Traspole were shelled, telecommunication towers in Mazak were demolished, and drones were recorded on the village of Kobasna, which houses a powerful arsenal of post-Soviet ammunition.

Transnistria is an unrecognized country located in Moldova on the border with Ukraine. Traspole has its own government, administration, currency and capital. The authorities strongly adhere to pro-Russian policy, use Russian and Soviet symbols, and deploy a group of the Confederate Armed Forces there.

Due to “republican” relations with Russia, it is suspected that the Kremlin may try to extend the invasion in order to capture the occupation. Russian General Rustam Minniekev said that the second phase of the “special operation” (as Russia calls the invasion – edition). The goal is “liberation of transnistria.”

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Mia Sandu said there were forces in Transnistria who were “interested in destabilizing the situation” and were dragging Enkile into the war with Ukraine. The head of the unrecognized republic, Vadim Krasnolovsky, said that “traces of terrorist attacks are leading to Ukraine.”

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians are blaming the occupation of Ukraine on the provocations in Transnistria. They refer, among other things, to letters sent between unauthorized Republican officials, who began the search and construction of bunkers before the attacks in Thrace.

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