“Monsters” were heard coming from the wall. “Like a horror movie”

A TikTok user described how a “monstrous sound” his daughter heard coming from behind a wall led to an unusual discovery. A thermal imaging camera showed that there were indeed creatures at this location. It turned out to be 50,000 insects.

As user classashley reports, it all started with her daughter She stubbornly repeated that she had heard “monsters” behind the wall. Initially, the woman thought about her fear of the items in the closet and downplayed the matter. However, over time, she still heard the same affirmations, had nightmares, and could not keep calm.

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Finally, Ashley decided to check out what was going on behind the wall. At first, instead of destroying the structure, he decided to use a thermal imaging camera. Later on He discovered a vertical band of heat indicating that living organisms had indeed lived there. “It's like something out of a horror movie,” the woman says In the video. “It turned out to be 50,000 buzzing bees,” he told his supporters.

Another surprise awaited the family

She invited the beekeepers to the site, unable to handle such a large crowd in one day. After opening, the walls flew in all directions. 20,000 bees were removed for the first time 45 kg of honeycomb. The queen of the hive was also found and moved to a new home. The rest of the bees left a hole in the wall the next day and the experts sealed the wall.

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The woman showed in the video that the bees built a hive in eight months.Filled a full garbage bag“. – A few bees are enough for a swarm that you don't notice turning into a colony of 50,000 bees – she warned. However, this is not the end of the story.

Ashley described finding another hive with a queen on another wall. Again experts had to be called for this. – Because if it takes too long The house is 100 years old and the walls are made of plaster which will eventually crack. My daughter's room may have been flooded with thousands of bees. When I realized this, I was scared, she concluded.

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