MLB Power Rankings 2022: NY, SoCal clubs prevail

Maybe, but let’s do it anyway. In total—the MLS and National League combined—13 teams are either in the top three in their races, or in five games of third place. Some you’re used to hearing – for example, Padres, Giants and Braves are among those who are used to vying for a watershed point.

But there are at least two teams whose records may not be up to par, but they are still in the running for it nonetheless. The Angels are three games under .500 but sit 4 1/2 games out of third place Wild Card in the AL. Rangers, four games under 0.500, back, five games.

The NL race consists mostly of the usual suspects. The Brewers and Cardinals are half a game out of third, with the Phillies, now four games over 0.500, just 2 1/2.

Biggest jump: Rangers jumped four points, from 20 to 16. They still have work to do if they are to be present at All West, but things are slowly moving in a more positive direction. Texans were on track to win the third road series in four attempts before losing on Sunday in Detroit and contenting themselves with four games.

biggest drop: There hasn’t been a lot of movement in this category this week. The biggest swing belongs to the Angels, who dropped just two places, from 16 to 18. They had a good weekend in Seattle, taking four of the five Mariners, thanks in part to Mike Trout, who Five kitchens hit in the series.

1) Yankees (49-17; last week: 1)
DraftKings World Championship odds: 4.5-1
The Toronto Yankees lost on Sunday, ending a nine-game winning streak, but that barely counts as a point in a magical season. They entered that competition with Blue Jays winners in 49 out of 65 matches, the fourth time in their history that they combined this kind of start. The only other years in which they achieved this success through 65 games? There were three: 1928, 1939 and 1998 – all of them ended in world championship victories.

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2) Mets (44-24; last week: 2)
DraftKings World Championship odds: 7.5-1

The Mets, 10-7 in June, have won five of their past seven games, while recording a 2.20 ERA in those five wins. Left player Jeff McNeil on a seven-game winning streak, hitting .455 (10 for 22) in four runs, two doubles and five RBIs during that stretch.

3) Padres (41-27, last week: 4)
DraftKings World Championship odds: 13-1
The Padres have been one of the top teams in baseball for most of the season, but they will be better tested in the next several weeks while playing without Mane Machado, who He sprained his left ankle Sunday straight to first base. Machado was producing star-worthy numbers at the time of his hit, hitting the 328 with a .945 OPS.

4) Dodgers (40-25; last week: 3)
DraftKings World Championship odds: 4.5-1
The Dodgers entered Sunday’s game against Cleveland after allowing four runs in their previous four games. The Beginning Dodgers have a 2.57 ERA, topping the majors, while their 2.91 Modern ERA team trails only the Yankees (2.86).

5) Astros (40-25; last week: 5)
DraftKings World Championship odds: 6.5-1
The Astros’ depth is being challenged, with key players Yordan Alvarez and Jeremy Peña injured, but the most intriguing story begins on Tuesday, when they play nine games against only New York teams (which happen to be No. 1 and 2 in our standings). The Astros, the only team to have a winning record in the AL West, will host the Mets for two games before heading to the Big Apple for six straight games – four with the Yankees, two with the Mets. The stretch ends with one home game with the Yankees on June 30.

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The remainder of the field 30

Voters: Alison Vouter, Anthony Castrovins, Paul Casella, Marc Vinsand, Natalie Alonso, Doug Gossypol, Mike Petrillo, Sarah Lange, Andrew Simon, David Finn, Brett Blois

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