Minister Zbigniew Rau spoke about the Poles in the Gaza Strip. He promised to cooperate with Israel

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau spoke with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen about the military operation in the Gaza Strip. – We took the opportunity to discuss the situation of Polish families in prison – the minister said. There are still 30 poles in the Gaza Strip.

“I had a telephone conversation with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen about the progress of the Israeli military operation in Gaza in response to the barbaric terrorist attack by Hamas,” the Polish diplomatic chief wrote on social media on Tuesday evening.

“We discussed the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip in connection with my participation in Thursday’s conference in Paris. Since Israel will not participate in it, I wanted to know Minister Cohen’s view on the matter,” the head of the ministry said. Foreign Affairs.

“We had the opportunity to discuss the situation of Polish families trapped in Gaza. I am grateful for the minister’s personal commitment to organizing assistance for our citizens. The situation of citizens should be of particular concern to democratic governments. Poland and Israel will continue the path of cooperation on this issue” – added the Polish Foreign Minister.

MFA: About 30 Poles are still in the Gaza Strip

On Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński said on radio ZET that Poland is waiting for a formal decision by Israel to allow Polish citizens to leave the Gaza Strip. He noted that the list of evictions was sent by the Polish side about a month ago. He assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains in constant contact with the polar countries in the Gaza Strip through the diplomatic and consular service.

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He recalled that on Monday, urgent talks were held at the headquarters of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the ambassadors of Egypt, Israel and Palestine, and their subject was the resumption of the border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Facilitates the evacuation of Polish citizens in and through Rafah. On Monday, the Polish Foreign Ministry indicated that there are about 5-6 thousand third-country nationals in the Gaza Strip, including about 30 Poles.

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On Monday afternoon, border officials in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip said the Rafah crossing with Egypt was reopening only to allow Egyptians, foreigners and dual citizens to leave. According to the decision of the Egyptian authorities, they insisted that those who were not included in the special list could not cross the border.

The evacuation of foreigners via the Rafah crossing began on Wednesday, November 1. Hamas temporarily suspended it on Saturday after Israel refused to allow wounded Palestinians to visit Egyptian hospitals. The crossing was reopened after Israel agreed, thanks to Egyptian mediation, to send 30 injured people to Egypt, AFP reported.

Main photo source: Mohammed Saber/PAP/EPA

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