Millie Bobby Brown to star in a Netflix sci-fi movie directed by the Russo brothers

Weird things Millie Bobby Brown will star in a new Netflix movie produced by the Russo brothers, my directors Avengers: Endgame And the Avengers: Infinity War. electric state is a futuristic sci-fi thriller from the past that follows Brown, a robotic companion, and an “eccentric wanderer” as she travels across the American West in search of her brother, Netflix said in its announcement of the casting.

Away from the participation of Brown and the Russo brothers, the most interesting aspect of electric state Is this the Based on a picture book by Simon Stalinhag. Stålenhag is the artist behind some great futuristic illustrations, and his other books include Tales from the episode Which Amazon recently adapted In his own TV series.

Since this is 2022, it’s clear that Chris Pratt is in talks to join the cast, to me wrapAnd the LimitAnd the The Hollywood Reporter. Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely, who wrote infinite war And the game overThey wrote the script. It is said that production is slated to begin this fall in Atlanta.

electric state It is just one of the many projects the Russo brothers started with Netflix. Both contributed to (but did not direct) 2020 extractionAnd you have a new movie gray man Coming to streaming service next month. They were also paired with executive productions for an animated series based on Collectible card game Magic: The Gatheringbut The project left last year on creative differences.

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disclosure: the edge She is currently producing a series with Netflix.

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