Military Report. New information has been released about the death of the Iranian president

Iranian state media reported that a preliminary report prepared by Iran’s armed forces said an investigation into the crash that killed the president and foreign minister had so far found no evidence of a crime or attack.

Iranian president dies in helicopter crash

Ibrahim Raisi, considered the successor to Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, died in a helicopter crash in the mountains while returning from a visit to Azerbaijan. The incident took place on Sunday, May 19, in difficult weather conditions – the plane was flying in dense fog. Due to the weather, it took several hours for rescue operations to locate the wreckage of the helicopter and reach the rest. Eight people died in the crash – all on board.

“No gunshots or similar traces were found in the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed at high altitude and caught fire,” said a statement issued by the Iranian General Staff.

“Nothing suspicious was found in the conversations between the air traffic control tower and the flight crew,” it stressed. Iran’s military has promised that more information will be made public as the investigation progresses.

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