Military directly about the Russian army. “Successes are not surprising”

– It is not too late, but this money is an important moment that allows Ukraine to ensure its security, but certainly does not significantly change the image of the battlefield – said the guest of Grzegorz Kępka when asked about the US support approved by the Congress on Saturday. .

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According to Lewandowski, the Russian army “has not been on the offensive, but has been conducting offensive operations” for half a year. – Successes are not spectacular. Capturing individual cities at the expense of thousands of soldiers or hundreds of armored vehicles is not a great victory for Russia. The problem is that the attacks are carried out on a very broad front, at many points. Ukrainian brigades are suffering personnel and equipment losses and have greater problems replenishing them than the Russian army, he added.

Military in a front-line situation: Ukraine's capabilities are weakening

– Ukrainian army recruits are old and burdened with diseases that do not compensate for losses, especially among soldiers. The army is fighting bravely, there are still many experienced people, but their capacity is weakening (…) The Ukrainian system is disastrously inefficient – he stressed.

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At the same time, Colonel Lewandowski added, the Russians were conscripting 25,000 to 35,000 a month. Soldiers for training.

The expert drew attention to the poor organization of the Ukrainian army. – Authority was seized by groups of commanders who did not fully implement the plans of the general command. There were reports of ill-treatment of soldiers in some regiments. The regiments were underutilized, thousands of soldiers sent to the rear for logistics and personnel operations, Colonel Lewandowski enlisted.

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Video: Colonel Piotr Lewandowski in “Guest of Events”.

Colonel Lewandowski: Money doesn't fight

Grzegorz Kępka asked his guest if he saw any signs of ending the war in Ukraine. – Money does not fight. They are important for waging war, but they don't fight. There's no telling what the scene will be. Right now, it depends on Ukraine and indeed how efficiently the United States can turn the money into more specific aid, he said.

He added that the aim is not to provide obsolete equipment, but to create a technological advantage, as was the case earlier.

– I am a supporter of the thesis “prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. The war will end soon and we don't know what its outcome will be. “I don't think the Russian army will return home after the war,” said an army official.

– I do not think that the Russian industry will switch to peaceful production. “In my opinion, Russia is no longer thinking about how the war in Ukraine will end, but about what will happen later, perhaps requiring a conflict,” he concluded.

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