Military assistance has been requested from Putin.

Mnangagwa visited St Petersburg where the International Economic Forum, which has been ignored by the West, is taking place. He called his conversation with Putin “my dear brother”.

My dear brother. (…) Zimbabwe regards the Russian Federation as a constant global ally. Strength lies in our unity, adaptability and innovation – he declared, then quickly moved to criticize the foreign policy pursued by his northern neighbour.

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Zimbabwe asks Putin for military aid

– The West has begun to consolidate its power in Zambia. As you know, there was a time when Zambia and Zimbabwe were together and it was called Northern and Southern Rhodesia. It was one thing, but now we’re apart. The Americans are consolidating their power in this country, both in terms of security and funding for Zambia, to ensure we remain isolated. – 81-year-old Mnangagwa explained to Putin during a conversation, snippets of which have surfaced online.

Mnangagwa’s announcement came eight days after he traveled to Zambia in Livingstone to attend the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Leaders’ Summit, where he was warmly received by Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema.

There is something seriously wrong with our governance. The presentation of the new SADC President in front of a foreign head of state against a member state is very unfortunate. I will stop here, I am very shocked by this irresponsibility,” said Walter Mesembi, Zimbabwe’s former foreign minister.

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