“Military and telephone communications will collapse.” US Against Anti-Satellite Weapons

A US official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. His comments came after it was revealed that the US believed Russia was developing such weapons. Detonating these types of weapons could disrupt everything from military communications to telephone services, he said.

Anti-satellite weapons would violate the Outer Space Treaty

Sources close to the Washington administration have confirmed that the US has warned Russia against launching such weapons. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the diplomatic correspondence. According to the newspaper, the US told Russia that such weapons would violate the Outer Space Treaty and threaten US national security interests.

Recently, Vladimir Putin has placed significant emphasis on the development of new strategic weapons

In recent times, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has placed considerable emphasis on the development of new strategic weapons, and the media also indicate that the FSB, the Russian internal security service, has significantly increased the supervision of scientists working on these weapons systems. . This focus demonstrates Russia's longstanding interest in exploiting the potential use of space nuclear weapons.

Destruction or decay of satellites

Russian anti-satellite weapons will be designed to destroy or disrupt US and allied satellite constellations.

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