Mikhail Podolak responded to Merkel’s words

In early June Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel He spoke after a gap of several months in public appearances. The politician then condemned President Vladimir Putin’s “barbaric war” and praised Poland for effectively assisting Ukrainian refugees.

Merkel: I do not blame myself

On Tuesday, Merkel He once again commented on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with “Spiegel” journalist Alexander Ozang on stage at the Berliner Group Theater, he described former President Moscow’s actions as “a brutal, international violation of justice, no justification.”

During the conversation, a journalist from “Spiegel” asked the politician if he thought more could have been done to prevent the war.

– I do not blame myself – Merkel replied, while acknowledging that “it is not possible to create a defense structure that can prevent this (war broke out – ed.).”

The former German chancellor said there was “nothing to apologize for” in the wake of his reaction to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Merkel believes that Europe and Russia are neighbors who cannot ignore each other. She said.

Ukraine’s reaction

Volodymyr Zhelensky, adviser to the President of Ukraine, responded to the former president’s words. Mikhail Botolak, a former politician, criticized Vladimir Putin for his naive policy. Merkel wondered why Germany and the European Union relied so heavily on Russian energy resources because she always suspected the Russian president of aggression. An example of such a move would be the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“If President #Merkel has always known that Russia is planning a war and Putin’s goal is to destroy the EU, why did it create Nord Stream 2?” Podolak asked.

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“I’m not innocent,” the chancellor said. “Then why did it make the EU so dependent on Russian oil and gas? Why should Germany correct these mistakes now?” – Johnsky’s adviser added.

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