Migration Agreement. Decision of EU ambassadors. Media: This is how Poland voted

in Brussels that day Meeting of Ambassadors of Member States to the European Union The last element of the Migration and Asylum Agreement was adopted. Poland and Hungary objected. Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria abstained from voting – an EU source told PAP.

It is about what is called crisis management. The decision opens the way to start negotiations with the European Parliament on the final form of the new regulations.

The Polish government opposes the rules Asylum and Migration Agreement. Poland considers its so-called forced unity, which is based entirely on relocation or financial penalties for not accepting migrants, completely inappropriate.

Migration Agreement. Discussion in Strasbourg

While beforeDuring a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, a debate took place Silver “needs rapid adoption Compendium on Asylum and Migration“.

The debate was added to the agenda at the request of the EPP Section comprising PO and PSL. Social democrats and liberals (Polska 2050), including the SLD and the New Left, supported a debate with this topic. – should be introduced immediately A common European asylum and migration system – pressed Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the European Commission.

– We have been building it for the past three years and we are nearing completion. It should be a system that solves all problems. There will be expedited procedures at borders, where it is possible to identify asylum seekers or send people back. There will be mandatory solidarity and assistance for member states under pressure. All member states should contribute according to their capacity – said the Vice-President of the European Commission.

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The Deputy Chairman of the Election Commission said after accepting the agreement The EU will have a strengthened system for the return of people who have no reason to apply for asylum. – We need to agree to this agreement quickly, before Europeans go to the polls. (…) If we fail, it will feed the anti-democratic mill. If we win, we will show that Europe can unite on this issue, he said.

Szydło: “These are bad solutions”

Participating in the debate, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Beata Szydlo, assessed the projects covered by the European Commission. The so-called migration deal is bad. – Will the European Commission’s proposals included in the migration deal protect Europe against illegal immigrants? Will they ensure the safety of Europeans? No. These are poor solutions – she insisted. He added, “As Prime Minister of the Polish government in 2016, I asked for similar proposals A crisis caused by Germany inviting illegal immigrants to Europe“.

Poland wants to find solutions that really help peopleWho needs this help? People who have a hard life, people fleeing war. We have demonstrated by accepting war refugees from Ukraine to Poland that such solutions are possible. But I want to be clear and distinct: Poland will never accept illegal immigrantsRelocation of illegal immigrants and ridiculous fees for people who have to relocate to our countries – Szydło in a nutshell.

Manfred Webbr, the leader of the largest group in the European Parliament – the EPP, argued for the so-called migration deal: “We need solidarity mechanisms to separate migrants. We need to end hypocrisy in the EU. This is the moment of truth. We need a European solution. (…) This is a historical issue. This is probably the most important reform of this period. At this point we need to finish this issue. If this fails, we will open the door to populists and extremists.

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“It’s a conceptual project.”

PiS MEP Patryk Jaki Cited statistical data on crimes involving immigrants. – Let’s be honest about how they are so far Consequences of your migration policy. Data from your countries. In 2021, every second perpetrator of sexual assault in Spain will be a foreigner, and every fifth perpetrator will come from Africa. In Germany, an immigrant from Afghanistan and Pakistan is eight times more likely to be involved in a homicide than a native German. In Germany, 20 times -, in Italy – 17 times, and in Spain, an Algerian is suspected of a crime 14 times more than the tribes living in these countries.

According to a 2016 survey, 72 percent of French Muslims want to introduce sharia. Now you, along with Tusk and PSL, are proposing even more of this, even though the people living in Europe don’t like it. They simply want to stop illegal immigration, he pointed out. – So you have to ask yourself. Why are you pushing this project? Because it is Our civilization, Christianity, is an ideological project aimed at destroying nation-states and winning some votes for leftists and liberals. All Europeans must pay for your passion for security. So I have one last message for you: the Poles will end your immigration deal in the referendum – the Polish politician announced.

Zgorzelski in “Graffiti” about the Third Way project: We want to fight for 15 percent/Bolsad news/Bolsad news

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