Middle East Saudi Arabia opens a sky for everyone. Including Israel

“The decision was taken to complement efforts to strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a global hub connecting three continents and increase international air connectivity,” the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority explained in a statement. The decision is a gesture of openness to Israel – thanks to which all restrictions on flights to and from Israel will be lifted.

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Policy changes upon arrival President of the United States Joe Biden in Israel and before his Kingdom Tour today. Earlier, Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia would open its skies to Israeli airlines directly Airplanes Charter flights from Israel for Muslims participating in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

A turning point in relations with Saudi Arabia. “Critical to Safety”

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan welcomes and applauds Joe Biden’s historic decision to open airspace to all civilian carriers “without discrimination”.

The decision is the result of years of sustained and principled diplomacy by the President with Saudi Arabia, culminating in today’s visit. This decision paves the way for a unified, stable, and secure region of the Middle East that is critical to the security and well-being of the United States and the American people, and to the security and prosperity of Israel.

– Jack Sullivan insisted and Joe Biden will say more on the matter when he is in Jeddah, Arabia – on the Red Sea.

In the previous months, negotiations were underway on an agreement that would allow commercial flights from Israel to fly over the Saudi border. So far, only flights between Tel Aviv and the UAE will operate via Saudi Arabia. Authorities in Riyadh do not accept flights from Israel to India, Thailand and China.

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The flights of Russian planes pass over Ukraine in a wide arc

Tension between Saudi Arabia and Israel

Saudi Arabia does not recognize the Jewish state and does not maintain official diplomatic relations with it. He insists that Israel is occupying Palestine. Despite these tensions, a few years ago – under the US presidency of Donald Trump – Prince Mohammed bin Salman – the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia – met with then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Joe Biden, who campaigned to make Saudi Arabia an “international pariah” following the assassination of opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi, appointed by Prince Mohammed, according to US intelligence, has resumed efforts by Donald Trump to restore relations with the country. and attempt to lead to a reduction Prices crude oil. Israel’s then-foreign minister and current prime minister, Jair Lapid, confirmed this last month that the government was coordinating a process to normalize relations with Arabia with the United States and other Gulf states. Prince Muhammad spoke positively of normalizing relations. Both countries are united by opposing their growing position Iran.

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