Miami Heat player Kyle Lowry leaves with a hamstring injury. 4 mode game in the air

Atlanta – Miami Heat point guard Kyle Lowry He injured his left hamstring in the third quarter of the Hawks’ 111-110 win in Game Three on Friday night.

He could only watch from the bench as Atlanta, seeded No. 8 in the Eastern Conference, eliminated a double-digit deficit to tie 2-1 from the No. 1 ranked Heat in a better-of-seven first-round series. .

“I’m upset about stopping,” Lowry told ESPN as he walked out of State Farm Arena after the game with a noticeable limp.

Lowry told ESPN that he plans to undergo an around-the-clock treatment before Sunday’s game four. When asked if the injury might have caused him to miss at any point as the series progressed, he shrugged off any concern.

“No, I’m Wolverine,” Laurie said with a wry smile, referring to the X-Men comic book character known for his superhuman healing powers.

Lowry was knocked out with 1:59 left in the third quarter, and the Heat had a 13-point lead. no longer.

The Hawks finished the quarter-finals up 6-1 and then beat Miami 34-25 in the fourth to seal things up with a three-guard lineup. Tra Young (10 of his 24 points in 4th place), Bogdan Bogdanovic (Nine of his 18 points in fourth place) and Dillon Wright (Five of his 13 points in fourth).

“All I know now is it’s her hamstring,” Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said after the game when asked about Lowry. “But I don’t know how serious it is and we’ll find out more tomorrow.”

Lowry only had six points in 2 for 7 assists and five assists in Game 3, but he scored a team best plus minus plus 18 in the 23 minutes he was on the field.

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The Heat had 25 assists in its first 31 baskets over the first three quarters (80.6%), but assisted in just five of 10 field goals in the fourth quarter with Lowry as the Miami attack turned into several long jump shots.

“I know we love this guy as our main bodyguard,” he said. Jimmy Butler, who had 20 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists, but missed 3 potential wins in the match. “If he’s with us, yippee-ki-yay. If not, someone has to step in and do their thing.

“It’s very hard to do. But we have enough in this locker room to try and bring what Kyle does to the table. He’ll get his treatment and we’ll see where he is.”

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