Meet Mattia Roach, the youngest member of Team Jeopardy! super hero

“You know what — if you bet a lot and lose today, like, whatever, you had such a good run,” said the bespectacled wheeze to the current host. Ken Jennings In an episode that aired earlier this week. “So let’s try and do, frankly, $8,000.”

Jennings, audibly stunned by a huge Roach, read the manual, a definition Roach needs to identify the corresponding word for: “to gently harass another person.”

Roach let the guide sink in for less than a second and nodded, the answer being on the tip of her tongue.

“Well, well, I should have bet more,” she said, with a flick of her wrist and a subtle roll of her eye. What is a rib?

With that careless (and correct) answer, Roach reclaimed the lead and won – a $1 bet – her 17th straight game. Since that episode, the 23-year-old Canadian has won 19 matches, making her one of the show’s youngest “superheroes” (that is, she broke Top 10 Best Ever in “Jeopardy!” winning streaks).
Her cumulative earnings are now over $460,000 as of her 19th game on Friday, and she boasts a 92% accuracy rate in her responses, in danger!”
Roach is also the latest LGBTQ movie “Jeopardy!” super hero after Amy Schneider’s Triumphant Career on the programme. Schneider, who is a transgender woman, earned more than $1.3 million in 40 consecutive games earlier this year, one of the longest streaks in the show’s history.
Roach said in an interview Interview with GLAADLGBTQ media advocacy organization. “And also just the really gay and transgender contestants, like being on the show and giving a lot of flavor, I think it was really fun to watch as a viewer.”

Roach Schneider described her as a “real inspiration” before she began filming her “Danger!” of the episodes and told GLAAD that she hopes the two will compete alongside each other in a future version of the “Championship of Champions” version of the show.

In another precedent, Roach was also the tallest Canadian in the series (after the late host Alex Trebekof course), according to Good morning America Robin Roberts.

In an interview with Roberts, Roach shared her previous game strategy: repeating “Hail Mary” as soon as the cameras started showing up, a habit she picked up at a Catholic high school.

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“I think it certainly couldn’t hurt – it certainly didn’t hurt me,” Roach told Roberts.

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