Medvedev Responds to Patriot Statements, Threatens ‘North Atlantic Incompetence’

  • The debate on the patriots for Ukraine began with the German proposal to transfer these organizations to Poland
  • The NATO Secretary General avoided clear statements on the matter, pointing to the need for patriots in Poland and Ukraine.
  • Medvedev wrote that the patriots in Ukraine and their Western personnel would become targets for the Russians, “I believe it will be clear for the North Atlantic impotence.
  • A Pentagon spokesman spoke about the Patriots on Tuesday, stressing that “talks are being held on the matter” but that there are no plans to hand the systems over to Kiev right now.
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This whole thing is related to the tragic incident in Poland on November 15. An explosion kills two in Presvodovo Near the border with Ukraine, Germany proposed to send modern patriotic air defense systems to our country. The Polish government initially responded favorably to the offer. However, he later respondedThe systems are very useful for Ukrainians.

The whole situation sparked a debate in NATO about sending Patriots to Ukraine to defend itself against the Russians. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg avoided specific answers, saying that “specific decisions are made at the national level in specific organizations” and that “patriots are needed in Poland and Ukraine.” Stoltenberg at a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Bucharest on Tuesday He promised that the Allies would “send”. More support for Ukraine.

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A few hours later, Dmitry Medvedev, the former President and Prime Minister of Russia and currently the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, spoke on the matter. “As Stoltenberg suggested, NATO patriots will turn over fanatics in Kiev – and personnel of the alliance – who will immediately become legitimate targets for our armed forces. I believe this will be clear for North Atlantic incapacity,” the Russian wrote. Politician.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder spoke about this. “We have no plans to deploy Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine,” he said. However, if another country decides to take such a step, it will be its sovereign decision, he added.

Ryder responded during a press conference when asked if the U.S. was considering providing patriots to Ukraine, either alone or with allies. Air defense is a US priority to help Ukraine, and while discussions are ongoing, there are currently no plans to hand over this particular system, the spokesman said.

“We are still in discussion and if we have anything to announce, we will let you know,” he said. Earlier, a senior ministry official told a teleconference that when it comes to air defense systems, all options, including the Patriot systems, are on the table.

Ryder pointed out that if another country decides to change the system, it will be its sovereign decision. He stressed that replacing any advanced air defense system would require significant training and appropriate logistics.

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