Matthew McConaughey reveals that Woody Harrelson may be his real brother

Matthew McConaughey has claimed that Woody Harrelson may be his real-life brother.

The 53-year-old actor revealed that he suspected his mother, Mary, had a sexual encounter with Woody’s murderous father Charles, who died in prison in 2007.

His hunch was triggered when she made a cryptic remark about knowing the late convict during a joint family vacation with his former True Detective co-star, 61, and fellow Texan.

The comment prompts him to investigate his family history, but the couple — who meet by chance in the Apple TV+ comedy Brother From Another Mother — have yet to undergo a DNA test.

Matthew Ali said Let’s talk off camera with Kelly Ripa The Podcast: “You know, where do I start and where does it end, where does it start and where does it end, it was always like the fuzzy line. And that’s part of our relationship, isn’t it?

What?! Matthew McConaughey (pictured in 2021) has claimed that Woody Harrelson may be his real brother
Doppelgänger: Woody is pictured in February 2023
What a husband! The 53-year-old actor (right) has revealed his suspicions that his mother, Mary, had an affair with Woody’s killer father (left), Charles, who died in prison in 2007 (pictured in 2018)

My kids call him Uncle Woody. His children call me Uncle Matthew. And you see pictures of us and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are mine. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are.

A few years ago in Greece we would sit down and talk about how close we and our families were. And my mom’s there, and she’s like, “Woody, I knew your dad.” Everyone knew about the ovals that my mother left after her “knowledge”. It was loaded with knowledge.

We went to break down what “custom” means, did some math and figured it out [Woody’s] My dad was on vacation at the same time that my mom and dad were going through their second divorce.

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Then there are potential receipts and places in West Texas where there might be a gathering, meeting, or ‘well-known’ moment.

While Woody Charles’ father died 16 years ago in his cell from a heart attack, the woman believed to be his mother, Diane Law Oswald, is still alive.

Matthew, who lost his father James in 1992, wrote in his memoir Greenlights, “He had a heart attack when he peaked [during intercourse]”.

The Interstellar star added on the podcast: “Look, it’s a little easier for Woody to say, ‘Come on, let’s do [DNA tests]”Because what skin is in it?”

“It’s a little bit harder for me because he’s asking me to take the opportunity to go, ‘Wait a minute, you’re trying to tell me my dad might not be my dad after 53 years to believe it?'” You’ve got a little more skin in the game.

Family: Matthew was photographed with his mom, Mary, in 2014

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