Matthew Lawrence says he was fired from agency after refusing to strip to offer him a cameo role – Deadline

Matthew Lawrence talks about the harrowing experience of an Oscar-winning film director.

during his last episode Brotherly love podcast, Lawrence indicated that he was offered a role in a Marvel production but only if he stripped naked.

“There have been many times in my life where it has been suggested that I get a major role,” said Lawrence. “I lost my agency because I went to the hotel room, which I can’t believe they were going to send me to, where a very prominent Oscar-winning director who appeared in his robe asked me to undress and said he needed to take Polaroids of me.”

Lawrence added, “And then if I did X, Y, and Z, I’d be the next Marvel character. I didn’t, and my agency got fired because I left this director’s room.”

The actor did not reveal any names or mention the dates when this encounter took place. Lawrence also mentioned the double standards that exist when male actors talk about sexual harassment versus female actors.

Terry Crews comes out and says it; people laugh at him. People don’t support him,” he said. “They fired him. Why? Because he is a man who represents manhood, and I think our society is less willing to hear about this attitude with men than it is with women.”

He continued, “Not many men in my opinion have come out and talked about it in the industry. There’s also the same situation. Granted now, it’s probably about a third of what women go through. How many men…men go through this too, whether it’s another woman or Another man in power.

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Watch the full podcast in the video posted below.

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