Massive explosion at an arms depot near Belgorod, Russia [WIDEO]

Local authorities and emergency services are now in place. No casualties or injuries were reported among the civilians. No harm to the village. The cause of the incident will be known later, said Vyacheslav Kulatkov, governor of the Belgorod region.

As for the cause of the explosion, there are conflicting reports in the Russian media. The missile struck a military base in the Belgorod region, injuring at least four people, according to the DOS agency. In turn, the source of the RIA Novosti Agency in the Russian Emergency Services said that the cause of the explosions near Belgorod was a human factor.

Belgorod Oblast is located in the western part of the Russian Federation, 500 to 700 km south of Moscow, on the border with Ukraine.

The eruption took place 10 km from the Ukrainian border on the way to Kharkiv.

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