Massive attack by hackers from Russia on airplanes. This is the danger line

Thousands of British planes have been hit by Russian-launched jams. This is a very dangerous situation,” warns the British newspaper “The Sun”.

In a broad sense, electronic attacks do… Satnavs become uselessAirline pilots are unsure of routes and have difficulty telling others where they are.

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“False data forced planes to turn and dive to avoid obvious obstacles,” writes the daily. He thinks that From August 2023 to the end of March 2024, 2,309 Ryanair and 1,368 Wizz Air flights experienced problems with satellite navigation in the Baltic Sea region..

82 British Airways flights were also affected, along with 7 Jet2 and TUI flights and 4 EasyJet flights.

Based on a massive attack by hackers from Russia: Jamming of real signals from satellites including GPS and the European Galileo system. Generally, passengers do not know their flight is under attack.

“The Sun” spoke to experts at, who analyzed publicly available flight logs. In the Baltic Sea alone, 46,000 aircraft reported problems with satellite navigation between August and the end of March.

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