Mary Kaleznikova. The dramatic situation of the Belarusian protestor

– Mary has been completely single for at least a year. She was kept in solitary confinement (a special cell called BKD). Regulations allow you to stay in CTC for up to six months. That's why he was moved to a private room for a few days and then moved back to a room, said an interlocutor for Radio Svoboda, the Belarusian-language editorial office of Radio Free Europe.

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Kaleznikova was an associate of banker and businessman Viktor Babaryka, who was planning to run in the election, and after his arrest and imprisonment, an associate of 2020 presidential candidate Svetlana Chiganuskaya.

At a political trial, Kaleznikova was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was put on trial with lawyer Maxim Snag (sentenced to ten years in prison) for “calls to take action harmful to national security, conspiracy to seize power in the country, creation of a terrorist organization”.

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