Martin Schulz attacks Poland and defends Tusk. The shocking interview of the former leader of the SPD

Martin Schulz, a former president of the European Parliament and former leader of the German SPD, accused the “atmosphere around Kaczyński” of calling “almost all European principles” into question. In an interview with “Der Spiegel”, Schulz suggested that Poland was “behaving arrogantly” and…blocking Ukraine’s European integration. Instead, he recommended Donald Tusk.

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In an interview with Der Spiegel, the Social Democrat disagrees with the thesis that Germany has treated Central and Eastern European countries with superiority and arrogance for years (Berlin’s arrogance was mentioned a few months ago by PiS’s Secretary General Krzysztof Sobolewski, and then on the reaction to the reference to reparations, a topic Germany tries to avoid.)

Schulz spoke fondly of former chancellor Hegard Schröder, who signed an agreement with Russia on the construction of the Nord Stream in the context of Germany’s supposed merits for Poland. This gas pipeline project has allowed Russia to make Europe dependent on energy resources, undermining the interests of Poland and Ukraine. Even the German press referred to the move as the “Schröder-Putin Pact”.. Shortly after signing the contract, the former president received a position on the supervisory board of the Russian controlled company Nord Stream AG, in 2016 he became a director at Nord Stream 2, and in 2022 he was nominated to the Gazprom Supervisory Board. He resigned this position only after strong pressure, and the German prosecutor’s office submitted a request to the attorney general of the federal court in Karlsruhe to indict the former head of government for crimes against humanity.

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But Schulz praised his party colleague, saying that “together with Prime Minister Leszek Miller, he secured financing for Poland’s accession to the European Union”. – I remember the SPD Congress, where Schröder said: We cannot allow nine countries into the EU, but not Poland – he said.

next Pro-Russian politician One of the leaders praised by Scholz is Donald Tusk, who, according to Germany, has firmly pursued a pro-European policy. The former leader of the German Social Democratic Party reviews Polish domestic policy on this occasion.

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“During the election campaign, the current Polish government vilified him as the grandson of the Wehrmacht,” Schulz said. Controversies surrounding the PO chief’s family past came to light in 2005. This is not only about Joseph Tusk, who was appointed to the Wehrmacht in 1944 (according to his family, he had to escape and go to the Polish armed forces in the West. , but no evidence was found), but also about the aunt and relatives of the PO leader’s mother. The family died on Wilhelm Gustloff. The ship, sunk by the Soviets, was one of the last means of escape from Gdańsk, and getting a place on board was difficult even for “private” Germans – not to mention Poles. These controversies were mainly publicized in Germany in the context of Tusk’s approach as a radical politician.

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Read about the black PR practiced by Dusk’s party against its opposition rivals here

In the 2015 and 2019 election campaigns, the United Right widely presented its own program proposals.

The former president of the European Parliament was skeptical about the possibility of Ukraine’s quick accession to the EU, but he tried to blame Poland, among others. He explained that he would “immediately” support the expansion of the Union if this process was coupled with the abolition of the unanimity rule (Read more about the desire to create a European superstate in this way) “But it’s not. Why? Because countries like Poland and Hungary don’t want to move even a millimeter,” he told the German weekly.

Martin Schulz was president of the European Parliament in 2012–2017 (with a short break in 2014), leader of the SPD in 2017–2018, and the party’s candidate for German chancellor in 2017. He is currently chairman of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is associated with his party.

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