Marquise Brown is excited to “show” her skills to the bosses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown said there are many things about his game that he hasn’t been able to show and that he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs because he feels this is the best way for him to showcase it.

“That's probably what I'm most excited about being here is just giving it my best shot and showing what I can do,” Brown said after signing his one-year contract with the Chiefs. Be able to showcase my skill set.

“I feel like I can influence all three levels of the game – short, medium and deep. I feel that way [at] I've shown times in Baltimore and Arizona aspects of things I can do but not on a consistent basis. So I feel like the guys here are interchangeable. We can complement each other, and that way the best can come out of everyone.

The Chiefs entered free agency needing a wide receiver. They got little out of their group during last year's regular season with the exception of rookie Rashi Rice, who led the Chiefs far and wide at center in catches, yards and touchdowns.

Brown said that once free agency began, the Chiefs came after him “strong,” something he wasn't surprised by since they showed a lot of interest in him when he went out for the draft in 2019. He was instead selected in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore traded him. With the Cardinals in 2022 and played two seasons with Arizona.

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“I thought I was going to get drafted by the Chiefs when I was coming out,” Brown said. “We've been talking about it since I've been here, and they've done a lot of work with me. The world has a way of making things come that way.

“I knew that if I came here it could have a big impact on the team [bring] Some items they need.

Brown said he was eager to play with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

“You want to play with someone that's going to get the best out of you, that's going to push your game to the next level. And I feel like he's definitely one of those guys,” Brown said.

“The arm talent, the deep arm talent, speaks for itself. What can't he do? He can extend the play, whatever he has to do to win the game. I feel like I watched him do that with those big plays,” moving methodically down the field to use his feet to make plays. He is injured. These are the qualities and characteristics of the man you want to play for. “

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