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This result checks the recent momentum built by Eric Ten Hag, as well as the situation Manchester United On the back foot in group E. Only the group winners qualify automatically for the knockout stage, where the second-placed team plays against a team that has been eliminated from the Champions League. The other match in the group saw Sharif win 3-0 at Omonia Nicosia Stadium. Thank you for reading this MBM on a formal night at Old Trafford.

Full time: Manchester United 0-1 Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad scored in his net and then beat him, Manchester United For the first time in their history. The penalty decision that came in their favour was questionable, but Real Madrid’s overall performance was very decent. They celebrate a famous victory on a sombre evening at Old Trafford.

Casemiro responded to the final whistle as Manchester United lost at home.
Casemiro responded to the final whistle as Manchester United lost at home. Photo: Craig Broe/Reuters

90 min +2: Casemiro tries to direct a shot down the right, but it telegraphs and is easy to put down by Remiro.

90 min +1: The first three minutes added pass without incident.

90 minutes: United throws everyone forward. counter not real. Sorloth rolls in the middle with the players on either side. It’s three in one! Sorloth advances on Fred, then rolls toward Cho to his right…but the pass isn’t good and De Gea can save the situation. It had to be settled.

89 minutes: Ronaldo was dropped in a full flight, just to the left of the D. Yellow for Turrientes. Ronaldo takes the free kick himself, cunningly crashing it into the wall.

88 minutes: Garnacho swings his leg at the ball from 25 yards. His guessing efforts fly unharmed. Kari Tolinius wrote: “I think you are right to report visitors ‘clearly and clearly.’” Overall, VAR in European competitions appears to be less pleasant than VAR in England. I don’t really remember seeing the VAR incident in a long period outside the Premier League. Why is that, I don’t really know.”

86 minutes: Real Madrid makes a double change, replacing Mendes and Munoz with Sulla and Torrentes.

85 minutes: A unique zero is a cross in the mixer from the left. Ronaldo can not shoot any effort on goal. The union comes again. Ronaldo tries another left cross trap. He is gone, with Zubimendi behind him, but the referee shows no interest in awarding the penalty that Ronaldo demands. It’s the right decision.

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84 minutes: Charlie McNeill makes his United debut. The young striker replaces Terrell Malacia.

83 minutes: Fred was booked for catching Zubimendi on the ankle with his spikes. He can’t complain about that.

81 minutes: Martinez hits a nice diagonal ball towards Garnacho on the left touchline. He cuts inside and surrenders to Fred, who swings the ball in Sancho’s direction, from the far stick. Sancho grabs his shot and a good chance is rejected.

80 minutes: Cho wrinkle towards the bottom left. Easy for De Gea. Fans far away have a good sound now.

79 minutes: Pacheco slips across Ronaldo’s back, who feels it. Just a free kick. It can easily be yellow.

78 minutes: Kubo’s great game is giving way to Ander Barrenetxea.

77 minutes: Casemiro sends a low shot down the right. He runs on goal, but it’s an easy save for Remiro, who confidently swerves off goal.

75 minutes: Sorloth throws the barrel in the middle and almost shoots Kobo into the box with an underscore pass. Kubo was denied by a good sliding interception from Martinez.

74 minutes: Sociedad penalty decision again. Pure speculation, but the obvious and obvious error may have benefited visitors. It was a very tough decision, but you can make an argument for that, if you’re too excited, and so the VAR dude probably didn’t feel empowered to overrule it. However, you will see that this decision is often reversed.

72 minutes: Kubo crosses from the left again. Malacia slices an attempt to clear the wilderness of the corner. Nothing comes from the resulting static widget. Kubo was excellent from the start of the second half.

71 minutes: …so Anthony’s last act of the evening was to get dressed. He has been replaced by Jadon Sancho, while Ilanga is making way for 18-year-old Argentine winger Alejandro Garnacho.

Anthony explodes.
Anthony explodes. Photo: Alex Livesey/Danehouse/Getty Images

70 minutes: Munoz attaches his horizontal leg to Anthony’s waist, stopping the winger in full flight. It’s a silly challenge, and he could easily be redheaded. But it’s just yellow. Say what you will about this ruling, it’s not Homer.

68 minutes: The rebound falls at the feet of Malacia, who snatches his shot off the edge of a D. Goal kick. He had time to do a little better.

67 minutes: Elanga has a hit from inside the box on the left. He claims that his shot hit Elustondo’s hand, but the referee is not at all interested. United fans were starting to feel a little sad, although that looked like it had come out of the Sociedad defender’s chest.

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Elanga demands a penalty.  We don't respond.
Elanga demands a penalty. We don’t respond. Photo: Craig Broe/Reuters

65 minutes: 18-year-old striker Momo Choo comes in in place of Silva, who is leaving for more boos.

64 minutes: This game has been unlocked. The increasingly influential Kubo sees the low drive being blocked. United then responded through Anthony, who won a corner kick down the right. The ball worked on the backside for Fernandez, who is swinging one from the rear. Casemiro meets on the far stick with a head down that rises to the top of the net.

62 minutes: Turns out Martinez was booked for his penalty role, too. An insult to injury, given how harsh the decision was.

61 minutes: This is Real Sociedad’s first goal against him Manchester United, in four and a half games. Mendes nearly scored the second goal in three minutes, but his attempt to curl up towards the top right was blocked.

60 minutes: Silva goes to the book as a result of crossing Casemiro’s back.

Goal: Manchester United 0-1 Real Sociedad (Mendez 59 penalty kicks)

Mendez slots firmly in the lower right corner. De Gea almost got there… in fact he might have gotten something… but he was hit hard and put it perfectly. La Real takes the lead.

Bryce Mendes celebrates scoring a penalty kick.
Bryce Mendes celebrates scoring a penalty kick. Photo: Craig Broe/Reuters

58 minutes: Penalty stands! That sounds a little stiff, not least because the shot hit Martinez’s body first, and his arm wasn’t quite miles away from his torso. But the VAR is not in order to move.

Penalty kick for Real Sociedad

57 minutes: The angle worked with Silva, who is trying to send the curler into the upper left corner. His shot hit Martinez in the hip, then reached his arm. The referee points to the penalty point, then reserves Fernandez for the complaint. But VAR will come true…

Gave him the reference!
Gave him the reference! Photo: Craig Broe/Reuters

56 minutes: Kubo hits another magic cross from the left. Sorloth is poised for a side kick home from six yards, but Martinez grabs his foot to save one particular target. corner. Of any …

55 minutes: House fans participate in some anti-glazer hymns.

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54 minutes: Space for Cobo on the left in Sociedad. He made a fine cross pass into the penalty area for Sorloth, who eventually beat Martinez only to header over the bar. That was a great opportunity, ten yards away.

52 minutes: Pinball breaks out in the middle of the field.

50 minutes: Pacheco falls, zigzagging after Ronaldo clatters. An accident, no more, and it’s good to go again as soon as he gets his breath back.

48 minutes: Malacia slips a pass inside the left channel to Ilanga, who turns around and passes a pass to Ronaldo. He takes a touch and then sends a scream over the bar from 25 yards. was the guard likely Behind it, if he was on target, but his handling wasn’t all that, so you never know.

Ronaldo had an effort on goal early in the second half.
Ronaldo had an effort on goal early in the second half. Photo: Craig Broe/Reuters

46 minutes: A very uncertain start to the second half by Sociedad. Zubimendi cuts high in the air, forcing Remiro to strike clearly with a great deal of uncertainty. Then Fernandes crossed from the right. Ronaldo, six yards away, should score, but flashes his head to the left.

United starts the second half. They made two changes in the break: Christian Eriksen and Diogo Dalot make way for Bruno Fernandez and Lisandro Martinez. Sociedad, meanwhile, has replaced Omar Sadek with former Crystal Palace striker Alexander Sorloth.

First half: Manchester United 0-0 Real Sociedad

The whistle blows at the end of the unsurprisingly low-key first half.

44 minutes: Anthony grabbed a loose pass and fed Ilanga, who failed to fire Ronaldo with an easy pass down the right from the inside. Ronaldo is showing a bit of frustration.

42 minutes: Ronaldo attacks after a long pass down the right and hooks into the mixer, but the chase wasn’t worth it. There is no one with him, and Elustondo, the leader of La Real, is easily saved.

40 minutes: Anthony has been cool so far, but now he escapes from a tight spot near the right corner flag by hitting the ball around Munoz and running into the box afterwards. But Merino encounters her and immediately hides her. The ball bounces towards Remiro, who did not drop this ball.

39 minutes: Merino meets the corner, coming from the left, at the near column. He tries to tap into the six-yard box, but falls to his feet, allowing the hosts to clear.

38 minutes: Sadiq intercepts a losing pass and heads towards the United square, lower left. He’s about to shoot when Casemiro arrives to block a corner kick.

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