Maldives. A 52-year-old tourist from Poland has died. Accident while diving | World news

under accident It happened near Duluthoo Island in the Maldives on Sunday morning. Services are approx. 11 There was a report of an injured person drowning in the sea, he said “Maldives Journal”.

According to press reports tourism The man from Poland was diving in the island’s outdoor pool when it struck him boat motor cycle. The man was seriously injured. He was given first aid and rushed to the hospital. However, there, the injuries were so extensive that they led to death.

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Maldives. A Polish tourist has died. He had an accident while diving

Local officials on the island of Tuluthoo reported that the tourists suffered chest injuries. In the accident, the boat’s propeller hit his body and he lost an arm.

A daily from the Maldives insists that tourist deaths on the islands are extremely rare, much less the trauma experienced by the local community and tourists visiting the country. When a tourist dies, the most common cause is drowning. A motorboat accident may serve as a reminder of the importance of safety and caution when engaging in water sports in the Maldives.

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