Macron’s team didn’t just lose to Le Pen’s party

After the European Parliament elections, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly (Parliament). – I have decided to offer you a choice again regarding your parliamentary future. Therefore, he said, he will dissolve the National Assembly. As he admits, the decision was radical and difficult, but above all it was an act of faith.

Elections will be held in France on June 30. The second round will be held on July 7.

A great advantage of the National Union

Three major voting blocs have emerged in France. One was created by the National Rally of Jordan Bartelli and Marine Le Pen. The second bloc was the Popular Front, formed by the French left. In turn, the third bloc – Together for the Republic – focuses on President Emmanuel Macron’s party, Renaissance.

An IFOP poll for TF1 and “Le Figaro” indicates that the National Rally will win 34 percent of the early parliamentary elections. votes. Second place goes to Popular Front – 29%. Support. The total figure for the republic would be 22%. votes.

Another poll conducted by Harris Interactive for RTL, M6 TV and “Challenges” showed that the National Union could be trusted with 33 percent. Popular Front – 26% and Together for the Republic – 21% of votes.

Another study was carried out by OpinionWay for CNews TV, Europe 1 and “Journal du Dimanche”. The results show that the National Union can count on 35 percent. Popular Front – 27%, and President Macron’s bloc – 20% of the vote.

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Le Pen’s party with absolute majority?

In the first round of parliamentary elections in France, seats are won by candidates who receive the majority of votes in their districts. Districts where a winner was not selected in the first round contest seats in the second round. The two candidates with the best results advance to the second round.

Harris Interactive estimates that the National Union could win between 235 and 280 seats in the National Assembly, meaning it would be the largest parliamentary group, but short of an absolute majority (289).

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