Lukashenko meets Putin. Troops were seen moving near the border – o2

Sochi Mayor Oleksiyev Koporkorotsky delivered the message of the meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. On his Telegram channel, he wrote that issues “critical to building good Russian-Belarusian relations by emphasizing co-operation within the Union State” would be discussed.

The topic of the talks will also be current international affairs, Kobajkorotsky stressed.

Belarus reports on “sabotage groups”. They were coming to the country from Ukraine

On Sunday, May 22, Belarusian television broadcast a report by a general of the Belarusian army. Belarusian Security Council Secretary of State Oleksandr Volkovich has said that “sabotage and intelligence teams” from Ukraine are said to have entered the country.

Look at what is happening south of the border with the once friendly nation of Ukraine. The number of armed men near Rowen was about 10.5 thousand. Soldiers, near Chernihiv – 4.5 thousand. Soldiers, and near Kiev – 5 thousand. – He insisted.

The situation is being monitored by Belarusian border guards and military intelligence, according to an official statement. The news was “confirmed” by civil servants of the Belarusian Armed Forces.

We intensified our operations in the Volhynia and Polesie area. This was noticed, among other things, when electronic intelligence equipment was handed over by Belarusian commanders to the border area near the Komal region.

Belarus moves Iskander to the border. First move in two months

This is the first such move in two months. The transport of ammunition to these missile systems was also observed and underlined.

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