Lukashenka’s “brilliant” idea. It happens in Belarusian stores – o2

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has “banned” inflation in his country. This means that the representatives of the power ministries will control the prices of basic commodities in shops and supermarkets. Pictures of solicitors meticulously recording the prices of specific items have surfaced online.

The prosecutor’s office checks the price of bananas. “Tests in Shops and Supermarkets”

Since the start of the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the whole of Europe has been struggling with an economic crisis. The prices of energy resources are rising sharply, leading to reduced production in some industries. In many countries – including Poland and Germany – this represents record levels of inflation.

The crisis has also affected the people of Belarus. Prices in stores are rising, and citizens can buy less and less for their wages. As a result, the Belarusian regime had a “brilliant” idea. Regulation was decided to “curb” inflation.

The photo, published by independent Belarusian journalist Hanna Lubakova, went viral on social media. He posted a photo from a supermarket. It shows officials inspecting products, in cases.

The Prosecutor General’s Office is conducting inspections in shops and supermarkets across Belarus to check product prices. Lukashenka has recently outlawed inflation (why didn’t he outlaw time or gravity?), so actuators (speak for power fields – editor’s note) need to check what’s going on with these bananas and other things. – Lyubakova wrote.

Inflation in Belarus. Lukashenka has legally “banned” price hikes

Although it may seem obvious to many, inflation cannot be reduced by regulation. However, Alexander Lukashenko seems to be trying to combat the economic crisis by banning its negative effects. In theory, artificially imposing maximum prices can induce firms to make more efficient business decisions. However, in such a situation, it may lead to shortage of some products and bankruptcy of companies.

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