Lucky Pokemon Go trainer catches his first “Shundo” after 20,000 encounters

published: 2023-11-05T22:17:03

Updated: 2023-11-05T22:17:14

A lucky Pokemon Go trainer was able to get his first Shondo at the Wooper Community Day event after over 20,000 total encounters.

Pokemon Go’s Wooper Community Day event kicked off on Sunday, November 5, 2023, and trainers around the world were eager to head out and try to catch these adorable land-based species.

With the addition of Paldean Wooper and the fact that the Community Day events boosted the odds of the featured Pokemon appearing, many were no doubt eager to test their luck.

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One Trainer, in particular, got more than he bargained for after getting a Shundo at Community Day for the first time in seven years and over 20,000 Pokémon encounters.

A Pokemon Go trainer gets lucky Shundo on Wooper Community Day

A Reddit user and Pokemon Go player named Prince138 to publish Catch them on Pokemon Go com.subreddit.

According to them, this shundo took “7 years, [and] Nearly 21,000 Pokémon were caught. The trainer also posted a screenshot of the game’s stats, which showed a start date of October 7, 2023, with 20,694 Pokémon discovered.

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While some trainers may have seen the 20,000 Pokémon stat and wondered how lucky that was, one trainer in the comments broke down the estimated odds to make things a little clearer.

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“Just so you know, this is very lucky. The normal chance of catching a Shundu is 1/100 thousand. The vast majority of players have never caught a Shundu much higher than your catch count. It was your lucky day,” they said.

It’s worth noting that these odds also take into account that the Shundo were caught on Community Day, which boosted the otherwise glamorous odds.

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Fans in the comments congratulated the player on his rare catch and pointed to his records to set the record straight. 44k checked in. Shundo, JJ, was not tagged on Coach, while another said, “Congratulations!” I don’t have any shundu after 55k caught.

As the OP mentioned in the thread, these stats take into account how rare shundo are. Pokemon Go trainers are still chasing the perfect Shiny, and they shouldn’t give up hope even if the odds seem against them.

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