Lucille Randon is dead. World’s oldest person dies at 118

Lucille Randon is born February 11, 1904 In the city of Ales in the south of France. She stayed at age 12 reign in Marseilles, and he performed his duties so well that in 1922 he was noticed by a Prominent family of Versailles, There he served in the same service till 1936.

Although the girl grew up in a Protestant family, this He decided to convert to Catholicism in 1923 at the age of 19. During World War II, at the age of 40, she joined the Sisters of Charity of St. Petersburg. Vincent de Paul, known as the Sisters of Charity Andre’s sisters.

After the war, he worked for 18 years at the Vichy Hospital in France Helped orphans and the elderly. In 1963, he moved to another hospital to help those in need. He retired from full-time work in 1979 at the age of 75. But he took care of the elderly for the next quarter of a century She is not even 100 years old.

Since 2010, Randon He was blind and in a wheelchair. In January 2021, the nursing home where Sister Andre lives announced that Randon had tested positive for Covid-19. He went symptom-free, and just days before his 117th birthday, the supercentenarian was declared healthy, making him. Oldest person to survive infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus

When 119-year-old Japanese Ken Tanaka died on April 19, 2022, Andre’s sister became the world’s oldest living person. “I feel like I’ll be fine in heaven, but the good Lord doesn’t want me yet,” he told CNN at the time. “A Sad Honor”. Lucille Randon, however, insisted she was happy and that her family adored her She ate chocolate and drank a glass of wine every day.

Andre’s sister died on Tuesday, January 17, Reuters agency reported, citing a report from a nursing home. She is 118 years and 340 days old.

In turn, the oldest person ever recorded in the world is also a French woman – Jean Louis CalmentBorn February 21, 1875 and She lived for 122 years and 164 days.

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