Lucas: Wake up to quick reflexes in the woods

Written by Adam Lucas

1. ACC win at home to the Tar Heels, besting Wake Forest with a strong second half, 88-79.

2. With a game featuring two hosts of cycles, the Tar Heels changed the game by going three guards with 14:09 remaining. Seth Trimble The defense disrupted Deacon’s offense, as he allowed it to be RJ Davis To spend time off the ball offensively, creating some scoring opportunities. Heels down 56-52 when Hubert Davis Make the lineup switch. Keep in mind that Trimble also had a huge offensive rebounding and running back with seven minutes left (on his way to a career-high 11 points) This was just Carolina’s second chance at the basket one evening when they were outscored 17-4 at that. class.

3. Many of Davies’ three-point looks appeared after the ball first went inside Armando Pacote, who for the first time in his career had four games over 20 points (finishing with a 21-game winning streak, 7-for-11). Wake simply couldn’t defend both Bacot down and Davis (5-7 from three and 27 points) around the perimeter. The heel continues to shoot much better off three at home than they do on the road; In this, they hit 9 of 24 from the arc.

4. A combination of injuries and serious trouble resulted in some unusual tackles for Carolina in the first half. Nance’s house He left about two minutes into the game and did not return, which led to the Tar Heels turning to him Galen Washington. But he accumulated three fouls in four minutes.

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5. That desired Hubert Davis To use a very deep seat, including 11 minutes of the first half of Justin McCoy– Who had two beautiful intercepted shots and played good team defense. The problem was that the Tar Heel Reserve wasn’t recording. Even with five different reserves getting first-half minutes, the UNC bench still had a 20-7 lead at halftime.

6. Actually, it was a crime leaky black That kept Carolina close for the first 20 minutes. Black hit three three-point shots and converted an old-fashioned three-point play on his way to 14 points in the first half. He set a career high with 18 points in the game.

7. RJ Davis He became the latest heel to surpass 1,000 career points. Davis is the 81st North Carolina player to join the team Caleb Love And the Armando Pacote of this year’s team on that list. The Tar Heels have far and away scored over 1,000 points in college basketball, followed by Villanova at 70. Fun fact about Davis’ achievement: He did it in just 83 games. It took Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson 84 games to reach 1,000 points. Tar stub log? Lennie Rosenbluth has done it in an astonishing 40 games (and reached 2,000 points in his 75th game, doing it all without a three-point shot).

8. It’s true Caleb Love He didn’t have his best night. But he made two great defensive plays—a one-on-one stop for Appleby at the end of the first half and released the ball that led to Davis’ three-pointer in the second half—and also hit a three-point clutch in the second half. Tar Heels, of course, need to be more efficient than 3-on-15, 1-on-7 on three, four turnovers.

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9. COACH STEVE FORBES’ WAKE WAKE It seems like the closest thing Wake has come to passing Prosser since passing Prosser. Deacons are well trained and always do something effective after deadline.

10. Welcome to the scorer’s table on Wednesday, as Marcus Page was in town. Paige, whose season in Spain was cut short by a shoulder injury that required surgery, was in the game with his wife Taylor, a former member of the Carolina Dance Team. Quite simply, it is one of the best tar shoes of this century, both on and off the field.

11. It’s hard to get more efficient than this: Wake turned him over 15 times and Carolina scored 32 points on those errors. On a night when offense didn’t have a second chance, efficiency – even in half the field – from Deacon’s spin was a big part of the game.

12. Give a little credit to the Smith Center audience. Fans who showed commitment were energized by arriving at the Smith Center—on a Wednesday night at 9 p.m. with out-of-town students—and entering the game after 11 p.m. on a weeknight. They made a difference in the outcome.

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