LoL players are calling for the return of Nexus Blitz after bad arena experience

published: 2023-07-24 T03:24:34

updated: 2023-07-24 T03:24:48

League of Legends players have been asking to see Nexus Blitz return after a bad experience with their champions in the new Arena mode.

The latest game mode in League of Legends has been a huge hit for gamers. The new 2v2v2v2 mode in the arena has taken the game by storm with tons of moves to try out. Players are grouped into teams of two and face off against other pairs in several rounds. These rounds take place in different arenas, with the losing team taking damage to their combined health group.

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As in the famous Teamfight Tactics, the last duo standing in the Arena come back with victory. Players are offered augmentations as in TFT, which offers some unique variations and crazy tweaks to the gameplay.

Despite the mod’s success, there was little dissension between the mod and the champions in the league. Arena is not quite like League, for example, there are no towers, minions or guild to destroy, instead, players only need to kill each other to ensure victory. This has caused quite the meta since the mod’s release, leaving some players craving an older mod instead.

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LoL players are asking for the return of Nexus Blitz after the appearance of the Arena file

League players have expressed frustration with the current description, saying that champions like “Mundo/Heimer/Taric/Singed/Illaoi/Jax” have taken over. Then one player compares the arena to Nexus Blitz mode.

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“I like Nexus Blitz because it’s like ARAM but I can choose my hero. Nonstop combat, a few fun minigames, and great for just practicing mechanics if I don’t feel like SR. I thought Arena would scratch that itch, but guess what? My main locations are Ezreal and some Katarina. Both are in the bottom 7 heroes,” participating countries.

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Nexus Blitz Riot’s original plan was to put in a new permanent game. Casual 5v5 games hosted mini games and even Nexus walks that will fight each other. The mode was more like a league, with a jungle and two paths for players to battle. This allowed almost all of the heroes to thrive in their own way, as the game had more goals to play.

This became even more apparent when heroes like Yorick who relied on killing minions were useless in the arena, as they were unable to summon their ghouls.

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Riot Games

Yorick’s reliance on killing minions made him incredibly weak until Riot buffed him.

The post ends with the player imploring the developers to bring back Nexus Blitz permanently, stating that Arena is not fun with the current meta.

“I just want a game mode where I can fight and choose my hero. The arena isn’t fun when your heroes can’t take any damage with the tanks and bruises that make up 90% of games. Nexus Blitz allowed me to play with my guts every match to great success, and I have to come back and always be.”

With the mode fully unlocked, it’s unlikely that Riot will bring back Nexus Blitz to replace Arena, rather than just stand by it. To this point, the devs have already promised that the mod will see a return sometime in the near future, so here’s the wishful thinking.

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