Live summary of the first day's finals

2024 Pac-12 Men's Championships

Heat sheet for the finals scheduled for Wednesday (with relay formations)

The 2024 Pac-12 Men's Championship kicks off this evening at Federal Way in Washington. We'll see scheduled finals of the 200m medley and 800m freestyle tonight, with the individual events starting tomorrow morning.

California is the top seed in both stages tonight, but will miss some key swimmers here at Federal. Jack Alexie, Destin Lasko, Dare RoseAnd Gabrielle Jett They will all race in the Westmont Pro Swim Series (LCM) instead of this meet. Cal was as fast as 1:21.67 in the 200 medley relay this season, but ASU was 1:21.77 this season (just 0.10 behind Cal), and they will have their full team at these championships.

Arizona State University Leon Marchand He will appear in both phases tonight, swimming the breaststroke in the medley relay and topping the 800 freestyle relay. Marchand also led the ASU relay at this meet last year, posting his current best time of 1:30.77. Cal (6:10.38) and Stanford (6:12.28) took first and second place in this relay, with ASU (6:13.66) seeded third. ASU holds the meet record and the Pac-12 overall record in the event, with times of 6:05.08 and 6:06.30.

Men's 200 meter medley relay – final

  • NCAA record: 1:20.67, NC State – 2023 NCAA Championship
  • Pac-12 record: 1:21.07, Arizona State – 2023 NCAA Championship
  • Pac-12 Championship Record: 1:21.69, Arizona State – 2023 Pac-12 Championship
  • NCAA cut: 1:23.71

Full results:

  1. Arizona State – 1:20.55 *NCAA record*
  2. Arizona – 1:22.90 (NCAA 'A' cut)
  3. Stanford – 1:23.14 (NCAA 'A' cut)
  4. Cal – 1:24.63
  5. USC – 1:25.84
  6. Utah – 1:27.03
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Arizona State's men opened the 2024 Pac-12 Tournament in record-breaking fashion. Hit the wall in 1:20.55 to win the 200 medley relay, Sun Devil quad Jack Dolan, Leon Marchand, Elijah KharonAnd Johnny Colo Posted the fastest time in history.

Their time undercuts the previous NCAA record of 1:20.67 by 0.12, which NC State set en route to the 2023 NCAA title. Dolan and Marchand put them 0.30 under the pace through the first 100 meters, while Kharon and Colo held on to their lead in the back half to sneak under the record.

In the post-race interview, Colo mentioned that the team has completed its qualification for the Pac-12 Championships, but there is “a long way to go” on this relay. You can read more about ASU's NCAA record relay here.

Compare splits:

Arizona State University's new NCAA record: NC State's previous NCAA record:
Back blow Jack Dolan – 20.30 Kasper Stokowski – 20.36
Chest blow Leon Marchand – 22.71 Mason Hunter – 22.95
butterfly Ilya Kharon – 19.30 Nils Korstanje – 19.15
Free Johnny Colo – 18.24 David Curtis – 18.21
Total time 1:20.55 1:20.67

The Arizona Wildcats hit the wall with the NCAA 'A' cut to finish in second place Ryan Purdy (21.26), Ryan Foote (23.37), Seth Miller (19.94), and Tommy Palmer (18.33) They teamed up for the final time in a time of 1:22.90. They gained one second off their entry time of 1:24.03, which was clocked at the Minnesota Invite earlier in the season. Their swim was also a new school record.

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Stanford rounded out the podium as the quartet Rex Maurer (20.94), Ron Polonsky (23.17), Rafael Joe (19.97), and Jonathan Tan (19.06) He finished the race with a time of 1:23.14. The Golden Bears finished fourth with a time of 1:24.63.

Race video and interview, courtesy of the Pac-12 Network on YouTube:

Men's 800 freestyle relay – final

  • NCAA record: 6:03.42, Texas – 2023 NCAA Championships
  • Pac-12 record: 6:05.08, Arizona State – 2023 NCAA Championship
  • Pac-12 Championship Record: 6:06.30, Arizona State – 2023 Pac-12 Championship
  • NCAA cut: 6:16.02

Full results:

  1. Arizona State – 6:06.14 *Championship record*
  2. Stanford – 6:10.08 (NCAA 'A' cut)
  3. Cal – 6:10.53 (NCAA 'A' cut)
  4. Arizona – 6:15.72 (NCAA 'A' cut)
  5. USC – 6:20.70
  6. Utah – 6:27.28

The Sun Devils completed their sweep of the first day of relays, winning the 800 freestyle relay in a new championship record. By hitting the touchpad in 6:06.14, they took 0.16 off their own meet record from a year ago. Leon Marchand He gave them a great start, running in a new personal best time of 1:30.43. His previous best was 1:30.77, which he set ahead of the previous meet record.

Patrick Sammon (1:31.97), Owen McDonald (1:32.00), and Julian Hill (1:31.74) Join Marchand in tonight's record-breaking relay. Hill's consistency in the 1:31 range for ASU was pivotal, as he clocked a 1:31.86 to anchor the Pac-12 last year and split a 1:31.96 that placed second in the NCAA relay.

Compare splits:

Stanford cut more than two seconds off his entry time to take second place (6:10.08). Andres DuPont Cabrera (1:32.42), Andrei Minakov (1:33.88), Luc Maurer (1:32.91), and Henry McFadden (1:30.87) The Cardinals represent B tonight Rex Maurer Noticeably missing from the lineup. Maurer emerged third in the 200 medley relay earlier in the night. The opening split from Dupont Cabrera (1:32.42) is a personal best by nearly a full second.

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Cal touched in third place tonight with a time of 6:10.53 with Robin Hanson (1:31.95), Keaton Jones (1:32.49), Dylan Hawke (1:34.10), and Trent Frandson (1:31.99) appears in the quartet. Frandson's anchor was particularly impressive, as he had the best standing start time of 1:34.96.

The Arizona Wildcats earned their second NCAA “A” cut of the night, finishing fourth in 6:15.72.

Team results (after day 1)

  • The dive, which occurred last week, was taken into account in the first day's results.
  1. University of Southern California – 183 points
  2. Cal – 175 points
  3. Arizona – 154 points
  4. Arizona State – 150 points
  5. Stanford – 106 points
  6. Utah – 75 points

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