Lithuanian foreign minister warns against fallout from Ukraine

Landsbergis endorsed the words of French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine. – Now it's time for discussion. Opening a dialogue will break down self-imposed red lines, the diplomat stressed in an interview for Ouest-France. The minister also believes that 2024 will be decisive for the outcome of the war in Ukraine.

– Although the Ukrainians showed incredible courage, the situation did not improve. But the decisiveness of the war depended on the Western capitals. Depends on the amount of combat equipment. Ukrainians have seven times less ammunition than Russians. It's a miracle they can resist. Expect catastrophic things this year, Landsbergis said.

The head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry highly praised the Czech initiative to purchase 800,000 missiles for Ukraine.

– Why does it fall on the Czech Republic or smaller countries in the east when there are big allies who can find a solution, the only question left is imagination. I am glad that the Czech Republic went ahead and found this solution. I am sure we will be able to collect all the necessary money, stressed the politician.

EU aid to Ukraine

Joseph Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced the conditions for the transfer of profits from the frozen assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. According to him, this requires the approval of all EU member states.

Borrell said the EU could use excess profits from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine buy weapons or strengthen its defense sector.

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Earlier, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for Ukraine to provide weapons to help it win. These include the Taurus, Storm Shadow and SCALP long-range missiles, as well as advanced air defense and munitions systems.

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