Lithuania: Impossible to get out of Vilnius? The city is “like a cauldron”

Former Prime Minister of Lithuania Salius Skvernelis He openly states that it is impossible to leave Vilnius in an emergency situation. Look at the two main roads leading out of town, he notes. Everyday is crowded during peak hours.

When panic sets in, everything stops – summarizes the former head of the Lithuanian government. A similar sentiment was expressed by reserve officer and security expert Arimas Navis, who believes such a situation exists in the city. There will be congestion.

Vilnius faces an extreme situation like a cauldron. Confusing results

According to Navis, it is important to prepare for such an event and educate the public. Navis talks about growth Evacuation plans So people and services know how to leave the city. He also proposes placing pamphlets that provide the most important information Instructions and Tips; For example, you may need to move to the nearest shelter, tunnel or basement during an air raid.

Journalists of the Lithuanian edition of the Delphi portal decided to ask a representative of the city authorities questions about the situation of Vilnius residents in the face of the impending threat. Official Gabrielius Grubinskas did not deny it Congested streets are a problem, but at the same time emphasizes that any large city faces a similar challenge. Additionally, he speaks The biggest challengeRepresents maintaining order and peace while moving In the face of danger.

There is a problem in the capital of Lithuania. Evacuation is currently impossible

The reaction of the First Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Belarus to the decision of the Lithuanians to ban the transport of Belarusian goods on the border shows how complicated the situation between the countries is. In response, PaweĊ‚ Murawiejka de facto Threatened Lithuania with war. From the point of view of logic, Minsk should, he noted Attack on border area and supported the option of “cutting off such an important corridor by force of arms”.

Vilnius is like a cauldron. In an extreme situation We will all stay in it” – summarize Lithuanian journalists.

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