Life Checked Paulina Smasse’s Christmas Plans: “No Christmas Tree, No Photos…”

In the past few weeks, we have already suspected several times the drama between Paulina Smaszcz and her ex-husband Maciej Kurzajewski and his current partner Katarzyna Sykobek It slowly fades away. However, every time it seemed like there would be a moment of peace, Paulina started the affair anew and shared her scathing comments with the world. This time, she exceptionally began to write not about her ex, but about this year’s holidays, which for many reasons turned out differently than she had initially planned.

Not so long ago Fry He made it clear that he would spend Christmas in Italy, where his son and his wife were staying. The couple is currently expecting a child. Unfortunately, this move seems to have successfully changed the journalist’s plans.

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No Christmas tree, no Christmas decorations, no Christmas tree photos in my house this year because packing and life change dominated our Christmas time.. However, at Christmas I like to split my heart into dozens of hearts.

Smaszcz also explained that while she also has to deal with debt, she needs more women, and now she wants to help by funding the training and visits to therapists they need. She wants to allocate funds from the closet sale to this noble cause.

Throughout my life, when I fell, I could always count on the wonderful people and friends who helped me every day. Thanks to them and her motherly responsibility After every fall, failure and illness I always rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I would lie down, rest, recover, repeat I wake up stronger, stronger and wiserMore experience, smile, With a very beautiful soul and heart.

Smaszcz ended his argument with a hashtag #kobietapetarddawspierawomen. Is it encouraging?

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When is the worst time of the year????? For me, order 1. Rzezniczak and his girlfriend, for life, sewing a wedding dress when a small child dies, lying that the former is a simple adulterer and a hack on the account, “natural” lips , applying to reduce alimony after a vacation in the Bahamas, etc. 2. Iska’s actions, incl. Threats, screenshots of him allegedly paying alimony, clearly showing he’s not paying, etc. Sebastian Seba deserves some credit for his adventure with Rafalal. In any other year, he would have stood on the podium, but this year, unfortunately, the competition was too much.

She’s still lying, have you forgotten her neighbor?

Unfortunately imagining reality doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to take responsibility for what you’ve done

Holy shit, someone in this poodle can write! Maybe it’s like this every day, not just on holidays?

You mean she spent Christmas alone packing her things?

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I don’t believe the daughter-in-law agreed to her visit, hence this verification of plans

Lonely Christmas, my grand daughter will be born in 3 months and she will never leave again doing something weird … I think Himmelsback will be with Italian as it is with English 😉

I don’t think I can stand even 10 minutes in the company of such a toxic woman.

Laura and her son disapprove of her visit. With a 16th son who is practically still a child, not good relations … She has a heavy and unpredictable character, she has already alienated everyone …. Sad.

I feel humanly sorry for this woman.

Mrs. Paulina, leave some money for treatment. For the benefit of children. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

Can it be cured?

Be careful on New Year’s Eve – fireworks will explode

What a typist. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

They don’t care about anyone.🙈

A good psychiatrist can save the situation

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