Leszek Miller on Ursula von der Leyen: Theater

– Ursula von der Leyen publicly saying that Ukraine is still an open door to the European Union is a form of drama. She went there for another purpose – to try to appease Zelensky or to arrange a calendar for talks with Russia on ending the ceasefire – former Prime Minister Leszek Miller argued on the “Presidents and Prime Ministers” program.

As Leszek Miller put it, “Ukrainians are slowly preparing for a status quo war or peace talks.” – In fact, Zelensky denies that any peace talks took place with the Russians, but Mrs van der Leyen’s visit It proves something completely different – he insisted.

– He publicly says that the EU still has an open door for Ukraine. It’s like theater. She went there for another purpose – to reconcile with Zelensky or to try to reach an agreement A calendar of talks with Russia on concluding a sort of ceasefire – argued the former Prime Minister.

Video: Leszek Miller on the “Presidents and Prime Ministers” program

Another guest of the program – former President Bronisław Komorowski – disagreed with the view presented by Miller. – I want to protest very strongly Against Prime Minister Miller’s submission. I don’t know where you got the information that van der Leyen went to compromise Zelensky and make peace with Russia. I have no such knowledge, I have never heard of such a thing – he opined.

The program’s host, Jaroslav Kukala, noted that “American television is specific.” – Journalists can always come up with dozens of scenes – the politician answered.

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Let’s also add that Van der Leyen’s visit to Ukraine on Saturday came a few days before the publication of an EU report on Ukraine’s progress in its membership efforts.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine: We must come to terms with Russia

Let’s remember that on Wednesday, the British weekly “The Economist” published an interview with the commander of the Ukrainian army, General Valery Zalushny. In conversation, Załużny said War with Russia has “reached a stalemate”.

See: War in Ukraine. Russia’s offensive is gaining momentum. Commanders use “meat attacks”.

The commander of the Ukrainian army also agreed That he made a mistake, believes heavy losses in the Russian military will force the Kremlin to end its operations. – Russia lost at least 150,000. were killed. He noted that in any other country, such a large number of victims would have stopped the war.

Oleksiy Arestovych, a former adviser to the president of Ukraine, agreed with Załuzhny’s statement about the stalemate in the war. He further mentioned We must “compromise” with Russia.

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