Lech Wałęsa on CNN: Russia must be disciplined

Wałęsa said on “The Lead” that Russia is attacking Ukraine, so it must be protected, but he made a “big demand” of the United States. In his opinion, the Americans should pay more attention to their propaganda and information policy on the Russians, because “you have to fight politically and with arguments.”

In Wałęsa's opinion, the only thing that would be useful is convincing the Russians to change their political system. He gave an example of grassroots people informing ordinary residents about the death of a neighbor on the war front.

– Tomorrow they will come for you, tomorrow Putin will draft you into the army, and you will die. Do you want to die or live? – said Waleza.

He argued that “Putin has no arguments, he wins by lying.” – Are Americans really incapable of winning in terms of propaganda and politics? – he asked.

The US Senate voted Wednesday to move forward with a funding package to support Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. It provides $60 billion to Kiev. The next day it happened How a bill that would have tied these measures to immigration reform was rejected.

However, the fate of the aid program remains uncertain. The Senate will next consider the amendments and vote on final adoption. Even if it does, the bill will go to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. More funding is needed to secure the US-Mexico border.

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