Leaked images reveal Lenovo’s Steam Deck competitor with a hint of Switch

Based on the photos, the Lenovo you take on a handheld computer looks a lot like devices like the Steam Deck and the Asus ROG Ally, but it also has a lot in common with the Nintendo Switch. according to Windows ReportThe Legion Go has an 8-inch screen, photos show two Joy-Con-like controllers that can be removed, and it appears to have a wide Switch OLED-like kickstand that you can pop out for tabletop gaming.

The Legion Go controllers appear to be a combination of the Switch’s flat but removable Joy-Cons and the specific but attached Steam Deck handle. There appears to be a single touch pad on the right controller – by comparison, the Steam Deck has touch pads on both sides – but the back of this right controller also appears to have wheel. And since the controllers can be removed, Windows Report Speculate that the screen is a touch screen.

Perhaps the most important thing to take away from these screenshots of the device (there are more, and you can See them all in Windows Report) is that Lenovo isn’t giving up on making the Legion Go thick. Asus went away with thickness and height with the ROG Ally, which ended up with mediocre battery life, but we’re starting to see mobile devices like the upcoming Ayaneo Kun point to more powerful batteries.

Windows Report Legion Go says it will run on Windows 11, which means you should be able to play any Windows games that the hardware specs support. Windows Central It previously reported that it will use AMD Phoenix processors, which are also found in ROG Ally and other recent and upcoming Windows mobile devices.

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Lenovo did not immediately have a comment.

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