Leaked images reveal a white Xbox Series

Images of the white Xbox Series

First published by EXPOTERThe images show a white Xbox Series The report also stated that it will have a different heatsink, among other upgraded parts. the edge Confirmed That the pictures look real because she saw documents detailing the console's specifications.

In addition, Brad Sams, a Microsoft insider She suggests The chassis on the white Xbox Series The controller is It said It's scheduled to be released in June or July and will cost less than the standard black Xbox Series

Back in September 2023, court documents leaked with what appeared to be some of Microsoft's future plans. The leaks included a mid-gen update for both the Series S and Both were digital-only consoles as well.

It also provided a timeline, with Ellewood releasing in August 2024 while Brooklin is scheduled to launch in October 2024. If the white Series Even Microsoft's Phil Spencer said these plans are outdated.

There are also rumors that Microsoft is currently working on a portable Xbox, and Microsoft has already confirmed that it will feature a next-gen console.

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