League players face a perpetually mysterious ban due to a possible bug

many League of Legends Players who were hoping to play the game this weekend were greeted today with a message indicating that they committed the worst infractions in the game and thus had their accounts completely terminated.

large number of league Players report that when they log into the game, they receive a message that It indicates that their accounts have been “permanently suspended”. There appears to be no specific reason as to why these suspensions were issued en masse, and many players say they did not commit any actions that would result in this punishment.

Some players find success logging out and back into the game frequently, while others continue to encounter the blatant message every time they log in.

Normally, permanent suspensions can’t be resolved when Riot Games releases, so it looks like this mass wave of penalties may be the result of a mistake on Riot’s part. However, permanent suspensions of accounts are rarely issued immediately. Players often face several warnings that restrict their play for specific periods of time before receiving a permanent ban.

Riot has yet to release a statement regarding this issue at the time of writing, although it appears that it has plagued a large portion of the player base and prevents them from successfully logging into the game. Players can get help via arrive to league the support. However, the support team will likely be inundated with queries regarding these permanent suspensions, most of which appear to have been made in error.

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