Latvia has no doubts about Russia. “What Will They Do” [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is now in its 470th day. Latvian Defense Minister Inara Murniece believes that Ukraine will win the war with Russia, but Moscow will remain a long-term threat after the defeat. “It will recover from the losses and pursue hybrid operations,” he added. In turn, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army estimated in a morning report that Russian troops occupying southern Ukraine were not prepared for the consequences of destroying the dam on the Dnieper and suffered losses. They were killed, wounded and missing. We invite you to follow the live broadcast.

Latvia has no doubts about Russia. "Here's what they do" [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

PAP/EPA/George Ivanchenko

Evacuation of people from flood affected areas due to dam failure in Nova Kachovka is underway.

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