Last-gen iPad Pros with M2 chips are discounted at $400

It’s a good time to be a late adopter, like The latest generation M2 iPad Pros Prices drop to record lows on their way out the door, allowing you to save anywhere from $200 to $400. Apple’s M4-based iPad Pros may be the hot new tablets of 2024, with ultra-slim designs and OLED displays, but 2022’s iPad Pros are still formidable slates for doing all the necessary iPaddy stuff.

The cheapest way to use one of these M2 iPad Pros is the base 11-inch model with 128GB of storage, which retails for $599 ($200 off) at Best buy. Climb to 256 GB model It’s $699 (also $200 off) and chubby 512 GB It’s $799 ($300 savings).

These discounts bring the price of the 2022 11-inch iPad Pro down to the same price as a new 2024 iPad Air that just got the same M2 processor (because choosing an iPad should always be so confusing, apparently). However, choosing the older Pro over the new Air gets you a higher refreshed 120Hz display, Face ID, more cameras, and an extra GPU core.

If you want a larger screen, you can get the 2022 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M2 processor for up to $799 ($300 off) with 128 GB storage space$899 ($300 off) with 256 GBOr $999 ($400 off) with 512 GB – Each is available from Best Buy.

Just like the 11-inch above, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro offers Face ID, an M2 processor, and 120Hz refresh. However, by opting for the big boy, you also get a beautiful Mini LED display. It may not be quite as impressive or beautiful as the Tandem OLED in the new ultra-slim M4 model, but it’s still an excellent, beautiful and bright panel. This makes buying the outgoing iPad Pro much better than buying the new 13-inch iPad Air with the same processor that is currently discounted to match.

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