Larger area than Denmark recovered by Ukrainians. Russians at one point – o2

According to a recent analysis by the Institute for War Research (ISW), since the resumption of offensive operations by the Russian military on July 16 Putin’s army occupied about 450 square kilometers of new territory, roughly the size of Andorra.

Russians lost 45,000 jobs in Ukraine per square kilometer

Since March 21 — the last day of a deep offensive by Vladimir Putin’s army — Russian forces have lost about 45,000. square kilometers in area, which is more than the area of ​​Denmark. At the same time, the Russian Defense Minister said that the Russian Federation “deliberately slowed down the offensive in Ukraine and maintains its current strategic goal.”

Shoigu’s statement may also be an attempt to justify the meager achievements of Russian forces in Ukraine over the past six weeks. Also, the Military Affairs Agency draws attention to the fact that the Russian authorities in the temporarily occupied territories have problems with guerrilla movements.

Ukrainians attack Russian positions

As we read in the analysis, Ukrainian forces continue to attack Russian troop positions and land lines of communication in Kherson and Zaporizhia regions. Meanwhile, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, slow efforts are being made to integrate the occupied territories into the Russian legislative system.

Earlier, despite the ISW regrouping Putin’s forces, Russia’s offensive appeared to have stalled since May. Analysts refer to it as a “war of attrition” as Russian forces took control of the entire Luhansk region in early July, as both sides made major territorial advances.

Ukrainian counterattack

The Ukrainians are launching a counterattack. Our eastern neighbors are trying to regain territory in the Kherson region, while Russian forces are trying to advance in the Donbass, but are also deploying missile systems on the border from the Belarusian side. ISW reported that attacks on Russian facilities in temporarily occupied Crimea coincided with a counteroffensive by Ukrainian armed forces in the Kherson region.

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