Lampard wants to block Holovnia’s presidency. “He can’t marry me”

– We need a president who will not veto bills that the voters are waiting for, so we say openly that one of our goals is that Simon Holovnia should not be president. We are sure that Szymon Hołownia will veto everything that ends the principle of human rights, secular state, and the principle that we cannot have certain rights in Poland, because our religion does not allow us – said Marta Lampard in an interview with “Gazetta Wyborza”. .

Lampard complains: I can’t get married because of Holovnia

The leader of the women’s movement did not hide her disappointment at politicians not fulfilling their election promises. Because of the conservative stance of Third Way leaders, what Lampard calls “political scams.” – I don’t want it if the ruling majority approves to run a false campaign to ban Holovnia abortion without even a hint, and Kociniak-Kamis runs another nasty campaign saying that LGBT+ people have no rights. Don’t know where I am – says the activist.

– I am a half-citizen in Poland, or a quarter-citizen, because I am not only a woman, but also a lesbian. Meanwhile, after the elections won by women in this new democratic country, the speaker of the Sejm wakes up every morning and does everything as part of his “job” to prevent me from marrying him because he believes in my sexual orientation. A “lifestyle choice” and a bad one at that. And my relationship is a “chocolate product”. These are the quotes from Simone Holovnia – Lampard is outraged. He says the woman he is currently dating is from a country where civil partnerships have existed since 2006 and marriage equality has been in place for 2 years.

“Women’s Third Way to Hell”

The leader of the women’s strike complains that no one talks to them, protest participants are beaten, still threatened and harassed by the police and the prosecutor’s office, and that the costs of psychological help are beyond the organization’s capabilities. In his opinion, Donald Tusk should threaten the third way out of the government and not allow the Deputy Prime Minister and Sejm Speaker to threaten the Prime Minister.

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– Poland 2050 is actually Poland 1993, the third way is the road to hell for women. This is really a serious matter. This is not a joke. I am disappointed. We felt alone for a very long time when we were told that there were very bad people who wanted to harm us all. Who will not allow anything to change. Poland needs to be at least a little secular.
The family-oriented PSL is missing 50,000 rainbow families. It would be better for them if we disappeared off the face of the earth.
We recently ran a campaign not with LGBT+ parents in mind, but with children from rainbow families who have the right to feel safe. Meanwhile, Marta Lampard says that the men responsible for the safety, durability and stability of families are doing everything to ensure that children born in rainbow families in Poland do not feel safe.

Asked what the third way is, if not anti-democratic, Lampard replied: – It’s a new type of Catholic fundamentalism that hates human rights – women’s rights or the rights of LGBT+ people, pretending to be right about everything else, i.e. pro-democratic, pro-ecological, pro-worker. It sounds modern, but in reality it’s an Ordo Uris dream come true. This is exactly the next step. Fundamentalists replaced these terrible pro-life organizations, these sad women stand with banners, people pretend to be lawyers, and fundamentalists in the Sejm pretend to be democrats. And we ask you not to overdo it.

Lampard does not want a referendum on abortion

According to the head of Women’s Strike, support for legalizing abortion is still growing, with 70 percent of citizens in favor. At the same time, he strongly opposes the referendum on abortion.

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– They want an Irish script, not what everyone thinks. They want to introduce a ban through a referendum, which means collecting 100 million dollars from the Kremlin, 100 million dollars from corporations in America and all the fundamentalist organizations in our world, because they will all help pay for the campaign. Will bend Kurski’s TVP and introduce abortion ban in Poland – Lampard says.

– I felt alone for a very long time when I said that Marshall Holovnia had the abortion law in the freezer. When we pointed out that the third way answer to the question of abortion law is a referendum. It therefore does not answer the question of legal or prohibited abortion. No such legal status as an “abortion referendum”. It’s an escape, a bad one, from admitting that we support an abortion ban in Poland in 2024. Extreme political cowardice. In addition, there is the lie that the law adopted after the referendum result is veto-proof – here the Speaker of the Sejm is lying, the second person in the country! This populist claims that indirect, representative democracy is not democracy. Only a referendum, preferably à la the last PiS, demolishes the activists.

Lampard wants to block Holovnia’s path to the presidency

In his opinion, Simon Holovnia behaves worse than PiS representatives. – At least in PiS they kept their style in this matter, because they banned me in writing [wejścia na galerię sejmową w dniu czytania projektów ustaw dotyczących aborcji – przyp. red.], and Mr. Hołownia informed me twice through the pass office, then through the conference. The argument is that I have a restraining order because there must be order in the Sejm. It is an open sejm. In fact, the ban was open to all people – more than 40 – from all over Poland. Some of us had a four-hour media battle to get in. I saw the abortion debate in the office, she reports.

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Pro-abortion activist Simone has the worst opinion of Holovnia. – We have a Speaker of the Sejm, who came into politics to abuse his power, to pursue personal, mainly religious passions, not to serve the people. But those who allow it are responsible for it. Dusk and responsibility are those who have to protect us from such people, fundamentalists and populists.

– We need a president who will not veto the bills that the voters are waiting for, so we say openly that one of our goals is that Simon Holovnia should not be president. We are sure that he will veto everything about human rights, the secular state and the conclusion of the doctrine that Poland cannot have certain rights, because Simon Holownia’s religion does not allow us – he adds.

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In photo: Marta Lampard, photo: PAP/Artur Reszko

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