Kylie Jenner talks postpartum recovery after baby wolf

The makeup artist told fans that the past weeks have “not been easy,” while she was photographed exercising.

She captioned an Instagram story, “6 weeks after giving birth,” telling fans, “This experience for me personally was a little tougher than with my daughter. Jenner also has a daughter, Stormi, 4.”

Jenner continued, “It’s not easy mentally, physically and spiritually, it’s just crazy. Yeah, I didn’t want to go back to life without saying that because I think we could look on the internet – for other moms right now – we could use the internet, and it might sound a lot easier.” For others, the pressure on us, but it wasn’t easy for me.”

She added that the exercise helped her mentally, admitting that it was difficult to stick to an exercise routine. “But I’m here, and I’m feeling better. So I got that,” she added.

“It’s OK not to be okay. Once I realized I was pushing myself. I keep reminding myself that I made a perfect human being, a healthy, beautiful boy,” she told fans. “We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to come back,” she said. “Not even physically, just mentally, postpartum. Well, just send some love. I love you guys!”

Jenner shares Stormi and Wolf with Travis Scott.

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