Kylie Jenner reveals where she and ex-husband Travis Scott stand as co-parents

“It hit me postpartum, the hormones, and I couldn’t even make a decision or think straight,” the Khy founder continued. “And it devastated me. I couldn’t name it. And I said to myself, ‘I feel like a failure.’ I don’t have a name for my son.” “It took me a while. “And then, the longer I waited, the harder it became to name his name.”

Over the years, Kylie and Travis have given glimpses into their family’s world, posting adorable photos, celebrating their children’s accomplishments and sharing how fatherhood has changed them. For example, she talked about the lessons she learned from Stormi.

“My daughter has taught me so much about myself, and seeing myself in her changed everything. I’ve had so much growth and I’m just embracing natural beauty,” Kylie told the outlet. “I teach her the mistakes she made and make sure she knows she’s perfect just the way she is.”

By the creator of Kylie Cosmetics, which includes her own experiences with plastic surgery.

She added: “I’ve never touched my face, but even when I had my boobs done when I was 19 and got pregnant shortly after, I’m clearly not planning on getting pregnant at 19.” “And I was never insecure about myself. I was always very confident and loved my body. I was just having fun. I was impressed by the amazing boobs and I was like, ‘This is what I wanted to do,’ and I enjoyed it.”

While Kylie said, “Maybe I should have waited to have kids or let my body develop,” she also noted that parenting is about “teaching our kids to do better than us, to be a better version of who we are.”

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